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Featured Story

Around A Turn

  Gently flipping her curly, sand-dune inspired hair, Nicole Brumgardner opens a soda with her long red nails and curses as she breaks one. "I KNEW that was going to happen, and yet I did it anyway! It's like I have to test the universe to see if it's really going to follow the laws of ...


All Alone at the Sixty-Four World's ...

The backstage of the pavilion was simple with its wooden floors and temporary props. The 1964 World’s Fair of Flushing, NY would come and go and no one would remember the little five year-old girl who played with her Barbies in its grand shadow. While some country stars were just cutting ...


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Featured Storyteller Stories

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Former Hitler Youth Fights Totalitarianism Through God'...

Featuring: Hilmar von Campe
Written by: Joyce Macias
Just because he’s 84 years old, Hilmar von Campe isn’t settling down into a rocking chair or a recliner. This vigorous senior citizen is busy all day, every day, rising at 5 ...
Comments (4) Nov 03, 2009 36,463

Faith and the Fall

Featuring: Anne Kuretz
Written by: Adara Bernstein
Anne Kuretz adores Autumn. She lives in Maine, where the glorious fall leaves put on an annual spectacle “just for me.” Anne is known to drive for hours into the woods and just ...
Comments (1) Jul 16, 2009 54,827

Dignity, Honor, and Love…The Final Breath

Featuring: Father Tom Belleque
Written by: Julianne Barclay
Fr. Tom Belleque has a great love for orphans. When he is not the pastor at St. Louis Catholic Church in Bellevue, Washington he spends his time with the orphans of Nuestros ...
Comments (4) Jun 21, 2009 48,293

The Meaning of Existence … And All That

Featuring: Daniel Brenton
Written by: Tamar Burris
As a child, Daniel Brenton was full of questions. He spent many a night around the dinner table in his Midwestern hometown, listening to his parents and their friends discuss ...
Comments (6) Mar 19, 2009 46,525

You Spin Me Right Round

Featuring: Alesha Wentley
Written by: Adara Bernstein
  Alesha Wentley takes a piece of her imaginary long hair and spins it round and round her finger. Her hair is short now, but she is still a Dead Head. A Dead Head ...
Comments (2) Jan 16, 2009 48,617

Living and Loving With Chronic Pain

Featuring: Beverly Boyarsky
Written by: Tamar Burris
  Ouch! Beverly Boyarsky felt a sharp stab in her ankle as she climbed into the front passenger seat of her car in August 2003. Peering down, she saw an unidentifiable ...
Comments (2) Jan 08, 2009 117,170

Filming A Revival

Featuring: Dewayne Rudd
Written by: Sarah Peppel
Dewayne Rudd’s tears misted the viewfinder of his camera as he filmed men bowing their heads reverently and praying one at time in Arabic, Chinese, English, Indian, Japanese, ...
Comments (5) Dec 23, 2008 64,775

The Messenger

Featuring: Terri Jay
Written by: Jason Bradford
  Already a gifted telepath in animal communications, Terri Jay began experiencing other telepathies with her Guide. Not ...
Comments (8) Dec 17, 2008 30,244

Miracles Can Happen

Featuring: Edie Weinstein-Moser
Written by: Sarah Peppel
“Guess what, we got it!” said a disembodied voice through the little cell phone receiver. Edie Weinstein-Moser stared at her friends in disbelief and then screamed with ...
Comments (2) Dec 04, 2008 49,642

Breast Cancer, Say It!, Fight It!, Cure It!! Rid It!

Featuring: Dianne Pomon
Written by: Sarah Peppel
  “Mrs. Pomon, I see you are here for an abdominal resection,” conversed a young nurse, glancing up from the chart at the anxious middle-aged ...
Comments (0) Dec 02, 2008 66,672

Uncles And Angels

Featuring: Max Bowser
Written by: Jason Bradford
Lounging on the shore sat his uncle Robert, bird chest mounted steadfastly above his rounded waist. It was the summer Max died, and no one noticed his death, except his ...
Comments (2) Nov 12, 2008 43,420

The 12 Year Serendipity

Featuring: Kevin Talbert
Written by: Jason Bradford
Walking off the stage, Will looked at Kevin kissing his new girlfriend, Becky, guitar still strapped to his shoulder. Clearing his throat, Will hoped that he could ...
Comments (0) Oct 21, 2008 46,861

The Walking God

Featuring: Sri Swamy
Written by: SUNITHA M.R.
India has one of the most ancient and rich cultures in the world and there have been many great religious and social reformers who have impacted the population. Even today ...
Comments (3) Sep 14, 2008 51,913

Plants Don't Play Mind Games

Featuring: Mark Driver
Written by: Sarah Peppel
“Plants don’t play mind games. Plants aren’t cruel. Plants don’t kill each other or commit crimes.” A self-educated gardener, Mark Driver is passionate about plants, God, ...
Comments (4) Aug 26, 2008 26,731

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