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Featured Story

Taking the Heat in the Kitchen

Len Vertefeuille was born and raised into a loving family on the East coast. He now lives in North Carolina and he and his wife Lisa have two children who mean the world to Len. He has been working in the Warren Wilson College kitchen since 1989. Len enjoys cooking for and working alongside ...


All Alone at the Sixty-Four World's ...

The backstage of the pavilion was simple with its wooden floors and temporary props. The 1964 World’s Fair of Flushing, NY would come and go and no one would remember the little five year-old girl who played with her Barbies in its grand shadow. While some country stars were just cutting ...


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Featured Storyteller Stories

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Never Forget the Words

Featuring: Shawn Hlookoff
Written by: Tamar Burris
It is a rare moment when one person gets the chance to touch the hearts and lives of hordes of people through a song. Standing on the stage at the Alzheimer Society of British ...
Comments (4) Jul 27, 2009 67,750

The Sleeptalker

Featuring: Samantha Parker
Written by: Rachelle Mobley
A little girl will dream of that perfect moment when her prince charming sweeps her off her feet with his romantic proposal. However, you don’t often hear of the young prince ...
Comments (2) Jul 19, 2009 32,731

Wildflowers and Wild Animals

Featuring: Christine Chesire
Written by: Joyce Macias
“I have great respect for all living creatures,” my neighbor Christine Chesire explained after saying she’d recently freed a wasp that was trapped between the window pane and ...
Comments (5) Jul 01, 2009 27,931

Success is the Best Revenge

Featuring: Josh Opperman
Written by: Tamar Burris
Josh Opperman thought had met “the one.” Having courted his girl for several years, he was ready to take the plunge. Loaded with ammo from several discussions about the ...
Comments (6) Jun 30, 2009 37,319

A 'Floozy' Visits The South

Featuring: Hillary Buchanan
Written by: Adara Bernstein
Growing up in a small town where everyone knows everyone else’s business can be trying to a girl with dreams of visiting the world. Hillary Buchanan sensed this, even if ...
Comments (3) Jun 23, 2009 23,408

The Tragedy of Being Gerard Montenegro

Featuring: Gerard Montenegro
Written by: Kristen Kuhns
Gerard chews gum like a cow. Or at least that’s what his mother always told him, and every time she did it made him chew louder and cuddier. He snaps it, he blows big bubbles ...
Comments (2) Jun 18, 2009 51,530

The List

Featuring: William Staley
Written by: Kristen Kuhns
  William Staley’s first girlfriend, a bonnie blonde named Leesa, broke his heart when she dumped him on the playground for a taller and stronger schoolmate. William ...
Comments (3) Apr 15, 2009 32,258

The Box of Nothing

Featuring: Joy Carlton
Written by: Kristen Kuhns
  Joy’s husband of sixteen years has never been a good gift giver. He admits it and it's obviously a source of amusement for the couple.   “Remember ...
Comments (3) Mar 08, 2009 35,856

Memorable Years of My Life

Featuring: Eugene Pashote
Written by: Kristen Kuhns
This story is of the memorable years of Gene Pashote's life, as told in his own words and transcribed here. Hear it in his voice in the video below! I, Eugene Joseph ...
Comments (1) Mar 01, 2009 28,861

Love in the Fast Lane

Featuring: Greta Schäfer
Written by: Adara Bernstein
Greta is alone this Valentine's Day, her first favorite holiday she's spending alone since her husband divorced her last year. During this period of personal growth she's ...
Comments (2) Feb 12, 2009 413,654

My Arranged Marriage

Featuring: Ninhal Chellaiah
Written by: Adara Bernstein
Ninhal moved to Connecticut when she was twenty three, leaving the acrid smoke of Mumbai (formerly Bombay) where she'd lived thus far to travel half way around the ...
Comments (2) Feb 11, 2009 37,612

Want Some Peanuts?

Featuring: Lillian Jameson
Written by: Kristen Kuhns
  "How many times are we going to have this argument, Lilly?"   "I don't KNOW James; maybe, oh, three or four hundred thousand?"   Lilly and James, ...
Comments (1) Feb 10, 2009 39,645

The Slippery Slope of the Food Pyramid

Featuring: Aran Shirdavani
Written by: Cara Moorehead
  “I could never be a vegetarian!” These were among the first words Aran Shirdavani spoke to his soon-to-be-girlfriend when they met. The pronouncement was inspired ...
Comments (5) Feb 05, 2009 73,839

Third Time’s the Charm!

Featuring: Lillian Foster
Written by: Adara Bernstein
  Hamilton and Lillian Foster have been married for 10 years. An accomplishment when you figure that between them they have 4 failed previous marriages over 30 years. ...
Comments (2) Jan 04, 2009 46,553

The Kissing Bet

Featuring: Amanda Miles
Written by: Sharon Franklin
“I dare you! Or I bet you!” How often in your life have you heard that challenge? Friends dare friends to do embarrassing and silly things. Sometimes the stakes are monetary, ...
Comments (1) Sep 17, 2008 41,344

Yu Zhenhuan – The Hairiest Man in the World

Featuring: Yu Zhenhuan
Written by: Sharon Franklin
According to 2007 estimates of Online Dating Magazine, over 20 million people visit one or more online dating services every month. Also, more than 120,000 marriages occur ...
Comments (2) Sep 11, 2008 60,355

The Coincidence

Featuring: Janet Middleton
Written by: Sharon Franklin
Janet Forestal turned the one dollar bill over that she had received as change for her lunch at the deli. Besides the usual wear and tear on the older dollar, there was ...
Comments (2) Aug 31, 2008 44,292

Forever For Love (Water Drops)

Featuring: Cathy Sawyer
Written by: Celeste Chamberlain
Cathy Sawyer told me of the time that Andy sat on the broken step of the old warehouse dripping water from his soaked clothes. Cathy had long ago pieced the story together ...
Comments (3) Aug 25, 2008 39,451

The Wordsmith

Featuring: Franklin Patterson
Written by: Kristen Kuhns
On December 2, 1967 Franklin Patterson was called to jury duty. He remembers the date because the following day he was called upon to serve his country in the Vietnam war. ...
Comments (3) Aug 21, 2008 54,587

The Dear John Letter

Featuring: Julie Ann Shore
Written by: Warren Hayashi
Julie had been unhappy with things in her life for a while; her life-long partner, the man she expected to spend the rest of her life with, had been moody and distant lately. ...
Comments (1) Aug 16, 2008 28,467

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