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I got a devil on my shoulder 

Date Range: 12/26/1987 To 08/17/2014   Comments: 0 Views: 205
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I am from Syria land of civil war . I finish my College in 2011,l have to Join The Syrian Armys so I went To Jordon as Asylum seeker because I can't shoot my people I can't kill children and women for a criminal called Bshar Ala'sad so I live in a tent in refugees camp for 5 mounths I Lost my Home my Love my future . I was Thinking of suicide , later my mother and my brothers follow me . But my girl still in the other side she want to follow me but her father refuse that and my mother want me to marry another woman .I talled her I can't live with another girl I can't look in another woman eyes because I give her my heart and my promises .my mother accept that but I have to be in Jordan and never think to go back to Syria .
After one year of suffering , my lover came to Jordan due to the situation in Syria then we get married .
I was so happy even though we have nothing .no home no friends nobody but us one year's later we became Real family we had beautiful child I love him I worship him I was surprised that nothing bad happened .cause every stage of my life has tragic event I never heart someone but I don't know why my God hate me so I hate him and I ask him to kill me but he always harmnow  the people whom I love .my baby is so sick and I can't do something to him ........
Another difficult stage in my life. .
I hope it will finished soon............

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