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The 12 Year Serendipity 

Written by Storyteller: Jason M. Bradford   Comments: 0

Walking off the stage, Will looked at Kevin kissing his new girlfriend, Becky, guitar still strapped to his shoulder. Clearing his throat, Will hoped that he could interrupt, giving him the opening for him to go on backstage to the Green Room here at the Back Room in Chicago, IL. He wanted them to be ready, because he was sure that he saw Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel in the audience that night. He hoped that was the case and he and Kevin would get to jam with two of Britain’s renowned musicians. 1978 was a hot year for these two teen-aged musicians: Will from Austin, TX, crooning the blues to his heart’s content, and Kevin from Buffalo, New York, slinging his Gibson ES335 energized with jazz and blues riffs. All three of them made their way to the Green Room.


Becky had been Will’s girlfriend and sometimes still was; in fact she was the girlfriend of the other two band members, along with the pot, beer, and cocaine that went along with her groupie reputation. Tonight she was with Kevin, and Will did not like sharing so he kept his distance and strummed a few chords on an acoustic guitar hoping to write a new song, while nursing a can of beer. Lines of cocaine decorated the table, along with a few bent beer can empties, and a bag of pot. Someone else lit up a joint in the room and started passing it around.


Calling them back to the stage, the club manager shouted into the door. He told them two guest musicians had requested to let them play with them. They were some famous British Progressive Rock musicians playing a concert that weekend. By this time, they were so stoned, Kevin did not think he could play, but was willing to try. All five of them went back to play, but apparently they were so sloppy that the guests never went to the stage, and after two attempted songs they were encouraged to leave the stage. A missed opportunity.


As bands often do, eventually they went their separate ways and drifted in and out of other bands. Becky disappeared from their careers and their lives. Kevin joined the Navy and went into electronics. Will kept strumming and singing. He kept smoking pot but quit the cocaine, and never drank again. Kevin kept drinking, and drinking heavily. Kevin’s alcoholism began consuming him and his guitar playing began suffering. Finally someone stepped on his guitar while passing out from too much bourbon; he hoped it was not him.


1985 brought an epiphany for him. He decided that his failed careers and failing life were enough, and this realization led him to a new path. This new journey brought him into a new enlightenment - one that would free him from the entanglements he had been wrapped up in. While in rehabilitation for alcoholism, he met a young lady who convinced him to become a Minister in the Christian faith. He felt that somehow an angel had led him to the right rehab at the right time, and he was determined to walk the path of the straight and narrow.


“He was spellbound trying to determine where he knew her from.”


Life took Kevin many more places while performing the work of the Ministry. Many new friends were lined up in his arsenal of the faith, all helping to keep him on the path; one of them, Jerome, lived in the Washington, D.C. area. Jerome was involved in the same ministry that Kevin was in: The Way International. While visiting Jerome at his home in Washington, D.C. the doorbell rung, and he asked Kevin to answer it, while he prepared for the evening Fellowship. When he opened the door, he could not help but stare at the woman who stepped in to give him a hug. He was spellbound trying to determine where he knew her from. They both went in and sat on the couch, sharing conversation.


It was 1990, and they had both changed a lot, but Becky was the same Becky he knew in Chicago, 12 years earlier. She had gone through being a lesbian, and was now heavily involved in the ministry, and had become heterosexual again. No more drugs or heavy drinking. They sat amazed at the coincidence of it all, but he was recently married and she had a boyfriend, so they had no sexuality involved in the new friendship rekindled in their lives.


Kevin moved onto Indiana with the ministry, and eventually faded away from the ministry believing that he had served his purpose there. Becky drifted on in to her life, too, as they lost touch with each other once again. Kevin lived in several more states and each time knew that it was not the last stop on his quest. By 2002, he ended up in St. Petersburg, FL. drifting through life serving no particular master other than himself.


All through the changes in his life, Kevin had been an avid bicycle enthusiast. He frequented bicycle shops, and his new arrival in St. Pete was no exception. He and a friend were in a bike shop near the beach chatting with the proprietor about bikes, pro cyclists, technology, and associated subjects, when the door flew open and a young lady bolted in with a brief case in hand, and a sales pitch for insurance on her lips. Kevin stared at her wondering why she looked so familiar. She thought that she recognized him too, and they played the question game. He found out that she had a cousin, Chris Hubbard, whom Kevin had been in the Navy with. Finally the epiphany occurred again. Becky Hubbard was the same Becky Hubbard that he had known in 1978, and again in 1990, and now she stood there in front of him in 2002.


Kevin wondered what road fate would lead them down for the meeting that serendipity had planned for them at their 12 year reunion in 2014. Where would they be? How would the 12 years have treated them? What adventures would they share?

Thank you Kevin, for sharing your Story with us.


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