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Forever For Love (Water Drops) 

Written by Storyteller: Celeste Christine Chamberlain   Comments: 3

Cathy Sawyer told me of the time that Andy sat on the broken step of the old warehouse dripping water from his soaked clothes. Cathy had long ago pieced the story together from several different people’s viewpoints and had put it into one tale that she loves to tell.


Cathy met Andy under life-threatening circumstances. When aged nine, Cathy had tumbled off a crowded dock into the water. Appearing out of nowhere, Andy, only fourteen years old himself, jumped bravely into the water and pulled her to the shore. He escaped any awkward thanks from Cathy’s parents by disappearing into the crowd. Andy didn’t enjoy notoriety even though he regularly performed the same lifesaving duties every time someone needed to be rescued from the water.  


Andy sat in his wet clothes on the broken step next to a boy named Ross. This second boy contrasted starkly with Andy. Where Andy was brave and honest, Ross was cowardly and untruthful. Andy knew him only because they lived in the same old apartment building. The modest pay that Andy’s father earned as a dockworker secured them rather humble quarters on the second floor. Ross lived in the same building, somewhere on a higher floor. Andy had never really wanted to know where.


Ross started firing his standard list of questions at Andy which he always asked when he noticed Andy dripping wet. “Who did you save?” If it was a girl, “Was she pretty? Did the girl’s parents give you a reward?” Andy mumbled the answers in irritation at Ross’s questions as he always did. He didn’t know the girl’s name. Girls were always pretty.  He didn’t do it for money. He just did it because it needed doing and not many of the other boys knew how to swim.



“Dad,” Cathy had said pulling her father aside when the maid served sandwiches and punch. “I’m sure this isn’t the boy.”



Ross didn’t understand Andy’s aversion to cashing in on his heroism. An idea began to form in his mind. Based on what Andy had told him, he decided to see if the idea would work. Any more information he needed was at the dock, so he left Andy and walked off in haste toward the site of Andy’s last rescue. When Ross arrived at the dock, still in chaos from the event, he asked around for information about the rescued girl. People were still diligently searching for the boy who had saved her with the intent on rewarding his bravery. But one red haired woman told him everything he needed to know. The girl’s father owned a successful hardware store on Second St. Ross headed purposefully toward the hardware store. He thought that Andy was crazy not to take any money. Ross was very similar in size to Andy, who had left so fast that no one would recognize him. Who was to say that Ross hadn’t been the heroic one? Why couldn’t he just pretend to be the boy lifesaver and the wasted money and opportunity would be his. The idea seemed foolproof.


Ross hesitated only a moment at the large successful hardware store. He had visions of great things. Maybe he’d not only receive a lot of money, but he might be given a job. His imagination grew more inventive, maybe Ross could eventually be a partner if he didn’t have to work too hard. Ross nearly lost his nerve as he walked around to the side door of the impressive building. He knocked at the door with an anxiously beating heart. He felt sure its beating could be heard over the street noise, but the housekeeper who answered appeared not to notice. He asked if the owner was at home.


The imposing gray haired woman looked him over and asked him what he wanted. Ross said that he was just checking on the little girl that he rescued from the water. He was immediately ushered into a richly decorated room where the most beautiful blond girl he had ever seen sat smiling at him. The girl’s father greeted him warmly with many questions about the rescue. He felt that he answered them well, and began to gain confidence.


In answer to his swimming skill, he boasted that kids where always falling in the canals and off the docks and he routinely rescued them. The girl’s father expressed his regret that he had never learned to swim. Ross lied that it was easy as pie even though he couldn’t swim a single stroke. The store owner told him that he would be glad if Ross would teach him. Ross felt momentarily taken aback, but soon had forgotten any false modesty he had been pretending. He began to tell great stories of his other rescues and embellished his vast accomplishments. The girl’s parents exchanged rather puzzled looks.


“Dad,” Cathy had said pulling her father aside when the maid served sandwiches and punch. “I’m sure this isn’t the boy.”


Her father agreed with her. When they had finished with their sandwiches, Cathy’s father took Ross for a walk to discuss his reward. He walked down several streets and turned in at a large building.  Inside, Ross was led over to the edge of a large indoor swimming pool. The proximity of the water made Ross nervous, but he casually walked to the edge and stood there with Cathy’s father.


“I’d like it very much if you’d teach me to swim. Why don’t we get started right now?” Cathy’s father asked Ross. Stuttering, Ross attempted to back away from the water, but when he did, the older man blocked him. Ross lost his balance, fell backwards into the pool and found himself floundering in the deep water. His charade of being a great swimmer was painfully exposed. After being unceremoniously fished out, Ross confessed his deception. He divulged everything about Andy and even agreed to show Cathy’s father where Andy lived.


As Cathy’s father brought Andy home for dinner, he could immediately see the honesty and integrity in the boy’s eyes. Cathy thanked him profusely, much to Andy’s embarrassment. 


Andy Sawyer has long been a partner in her father’s business and Cathy is the light of his life. Andy and Cathy Sawyer reside in Norfolk with their three children who all know how to swim exceedingly well.

Thank you Cathy, for sharing your Story with us.


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Member Since
Aug 2008
Adara Bernstein said:
posted on Aug 27, 2008

How funny that you caught him and made him go swim! Did Andy have to rescue his smarmy behind too? hahaha.... this one is a GREAT love story!!!

Member Since
Sep 2007
Kristina McIntosh said:
posted on Aug 27, 2008

so modest, and sweet, what a catch :)

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Aug 2007
Gina Pertonelli said:
posted on Aug 28, 2008

Of your 3 little ones with their towels looking over the water. That was a really cute love story.