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The Kissing Bet 

Written by Storyteller: Sharon L. Franklin   Comments: 1

“I dare you! Or I bet you!” How often in your life have you heard that challenge? Friends dare friends to do embarrassing and silly things. Sometimes the stakes are monetary, and other times they are for equally silly consequences. Often a dare ends in one friend backing out at the last minute especially if the challenge could prove embarrassing. Things didn’t happen as expected for the originator of such a challenge, Pat Wilkinson. She bet her friend Amanda Hodson forty dollars to kiss the next man to get on their bus in Calgary.


Whether due to providence, a sense of destiny, or just a plain need for forty dollars, to Patty’s surprise, Amanda took her up on the bet. Amanda moved to the front of the bus and waited to carry out the bet.


The Calgary Transit system has been in existence since 1909. It started modestly as an electric street car railway with only twelve cars and sixteen miles of track. Over the years, the transit system has grown to over 850 transit vehicles. So of all the buses in all of Calgary, the “next man,” Brendan Miles, chose to take that particular bus at precisely the right instant destined for a higher purpose than simply getting across town.  


Taking him completely by surprise, Amanda kissed Brendan when he boarded the Calgary city bus. To smooth over the experience for the astonished man, Amanda introduced herself. She had no idea that destiny was at work and she had just met her future husband.  


“I offered to buy him a cup of coffee at Starbucks with my winnings,” Amanda remembered of the experience.


Brendan recalled, “I got a kiss out of it and a cup of coffee after.” This first meeting kindled a romance which was bonded in marriage five years later.


For many people, their wedding day is immortalized in photos taken at and around the setting for the ceremony. The rest of the wedding party is usually included, as well as the cake and presents at the reception and other traditional trappings. For Brendan and Amanda, however, they wanted one more very special guest included in the photos to remember their special day. Complying with their request, their photographer set up their wedding pictures to be taken in front of their unwitting matchmaker, a Calgary City bus!


For the occasion, the electronic sign which would normally flash the next destination on the route flashed CONGRATULATIONS in large letters. The newlyweds posed with a kiss just as the sign lit up its wishes. It would be difficult to imagine a more fitting backdrop for the beginning of their lives together.



Their Story made the AP - above photo that appeared in the Canadian papers was credited to
Larry MacDougal/AP Photo/The Canadian Press

Thank you Brendan and Amanda, for sharing your Story with us.


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Adara Bernstein said:
posted on Sep 18, 2008

Wondeful love story!