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The Messenger 

Written by Storyteller: Jason M. Bradford   Comments: 8


Already a gifted telepath in animal communications, Terri Jay began experiencing other telepathies with her Guide. Not only was she experiencing the ability to communicate at a non-verbal level with animals, but began experiencing new avenues for her ability as well. She was shown that she could communicate with those who have passed or with those who for various reasons have lost the ability to verbally communicate.


It was during a lost pet call that Terri was alerted to one of these new pathways for her psychic abilities. A client had contacted her by phone to seek help in finding her lost cat but her Guide told her the cat was found. Terri started smelling coffee, but she did not have any made in the kitchen. She realized it was really the smell of freshly picked unroasted coffee. Then, she saw a man sitting on a fence with a rickshaw on the ground next to him. The Guide again told her that the cat was found, but that the man was sick.


Terri called the client back and asked, “Have you found your cat?”


“Yes, we found her 10 minutes ago.”


“10 minutes ago? Are you sure it was 10 minutes ago? Because, my guide told me that you had found her 20 minutes ago. And, there is something else.


“I saw a man sitting on a fence next to a field with a rickshaw filled with beans on the ground beside him.”


Later that day, Terri received a call from the lady that had the missing cat. She told her, “That man on the fence is my uncle. He’s a coffee bean grower in Hawaii and the rickshaw that you saw was the cart that he pulls freshly picked beans in. He just had a ruptured brain aneurism and is in a coma.”


Terri responded sensitively, “That is why my guide showed him to me sitting on the fence. He could go either way. According to my Guide, he needs energy healing; I am going to recommend an Energy Healer to you.”




“Sometimes her friends ask her to stop. But there is no off switch for her love of helping others”.



Terri felt that her guide had connected her with this man’s higher self, or sub-conscious. Together they called the energy healing specialist and after two sessions of distant energy healing work over the phone, the family asked her to connect with him again. During this session the energy healer showed them many specific things about the Uncle’s life that they could not have known otherwise, thing surprising even the Uncle’s lady friend as well. During the session the guide showed her that he was not completely healed yet and recommended that one more session. A few days passed after the third distant healing session before the Uncle came out of the coma. When he awoke the doctors could find no evidence of damage to his brain at all. In fact, his niece reported that he was still just as mean as he had always been, and had no recollection of having spoken with Terri or her Guide during any of the times Terri was involved, nor could he remember the intervention of the Energy Healer; he could only remember arguing with someone as he awakened.


Terri helps people dealing with friends or family members having non-verbal communication problems, when someone is unable speak. She communicates with the verbally afflicted and teaches others to do the same as well. Some of these issues include Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Traumatic Brain Injury, Severe Autism, just to name a few. On her website at http://www.terrijay.com she goes into greater detail about her abilities as a “Psychic Messenger”. Having been a ‘card carrying skeptic’ at one time in her life, things changed convincing her to turn that ‘skeptic membership card’ in. She first came to realize her abilities in telepathy when working in her horseback riding program for non-verbal children. The teachers at the school would consult with her for her keen insights on why the children were behaving poorly. She found things like their having missed breakfast, a toothache, or in other cases she had seen bad home situations that even included physical or sexual abuse.


She professes to the existence of the more commonly known and accepted five physical senses: touch, taste, sight, smell, and hearing. In addition to these she identifies the presence of four more being found in the spiritual realm and they are:

(1) intuition-


direct perception of truth, fact, etc., independent of any reasoning process; immediate apprehension.



a fact, truth, etc., perceived in this way.



a keen and quick insight.



the quality or ability of having such direct perception or quick insight.




an immediate cognition of an object not inferred or determined by a previous cognition of the same object.



any object or truth so discerned.


c. pure, untaught, noninferential knowledge.

(2) clairvoyance-

  • the supernatural power of seeing objects or actions removed in space or time from natural viewing.
  • quick, intuitive knowledge of things and people; sagacity.


(3) clairsentience -
Clairsentience (also known as psychometry) is the ability to hold an object or touch someone and sense the energy surrounding that person, place or thing.


(4) clairaudience-the power to hear sounds said to exist beyond the reach of ordinary experience or capacity, as the voices of the dead.


Terri Jay has found her telepathic abilities have been blossoming into an ever-evolving enhancement which helps her reach out to others. As it has evolved out of her early work when she was only communicating with her horses, she has since discovered that she has no control for her ability. She does not have the ability to switch it on or off; the energy is always flowing through her. While speaking to friends, acquaintances, or relatives in other parts of the country or the world, it will begin coming out in her conversation, telling them things that she could not possibly know, even though sometimes this is not always welcomed or greeted with enthusiasm. Sometimes her friends ask her to stop. But there is no off switch for her love of helping others.

Thank you Terri, for sharing your Story with us.


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Member Since
Aug 2007
Gina Pertonelli said:
posted on Dec 18, 2008

I mean, how do you "talk" to the animals when they don't use real words? More like they show you images?

I'm so curious. I'd love to know what my animals are thinking....

Member Since
Aug 2007
Antje Wilsch said:
posted on Dec 23, 2008

I always hope my dog Harry understands me. He seems to.

Member Since
Jan 2008
Suzan Kilner said:
posted on Dec 26, 2008

I lost my husband last year. Still feeling sometimes he reaches out to me, but wonder if it's all in my imagination. The mind is a very powerful tool and it's deceptive sometimes. I do feel he's "out there" somewhere, and part of me just wants him to move on and leave me alone, does that make any sense? 

Member Since
Dec 2008
Terri Jay said:
posted on Dec 26, 2008

Suzan, it's wonderful that you can sense and feel your husband around you. When people have left their physical bodies behind, they become pure, positive energy. It's kind of like hummingbird wings - they vibrate so fast that we can't percieve them in motion. They aren't somewhere else - the other side is right here. It's just that everything vibrates at a higher frequency. You are feeling that if he isn't around, then you could heal. Sometimes connecting to him can help you to heal. The message I have for you is to learn to embrace your gifts of connecting to the other side so you can put it in it's proper perspective. Energy healing will also help you. I wish you all the best.

Member Since
Jan 2009
Max Million said:
posted on Jan 04, 2009

Wow, Terri Jay sounds so interesting and my intuition (!) makes me feel like she is the real deal.  I am definitely keen to read more about her life and work. I am also lucky to be close friends with a woman with similar gifts and I wonder if Terri's story may guide and help my friend shape and perfect her own talents.

Member Since
Dec 2008
Terri Jay said:
posted on Jan 04, 2009

Max, thanks for the great comment. You can visit my web site at www.TerriJay.com. You might suggest to your friends that they get on my newsletter list - they just have to e mail me for that - as I offer 'Psychic Boot Camp' which is a one-day intensive to bring out your abilities. I also do workshops which teach animal communication, communication with those who can not, and talking with the other side. I love watching other people re-learn abilities they were born with. All the best to you. Terri

Member Since
Oct 2007
liz platt said:
posted on May 08, 2009

And do you believe and know what 'Lord' God' sayabout what you are doing

Member Since
Dec 2008
Terri Jay said:
posted on May 08, 2009

Christ was either doing a healing, coming from a healing or going to a healing. He said, "All this and MORE you can do."  My work is always healing and uplifting. I believe my gifts come from my close relationship to God. I only ALWAYS do the loving thing. I'm sorry you have a problem with it and I wish you much love and peace.