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Master of Misperception 

Written by Storyteller: Sarah Peppel   Comments: 3


Every heard the saying “everyone has a twin somewhere?” Steve Taubman certainly didn’t expect to meet his “twin” in a small chiropractic office in Guatemala, far from his home in Vermont.


Steve’s story began years earlier when he owned a successful chiropractic and holistic health clinic where patients counted on him. The practice was going well but his heart had gone out of the work. He was bored, frustrated and constantly found himself checking his watch to see when he could go home. He needed to move on.


Sometimes a feeling grows inside until in a single flash of inspiration, you know what you need to do. For Steve, it happened in the middle of a chiropractic convention. The motivational speaker was pumping everyone up and Steve simply felt nothing. He had been to several of these meetings but the renewed enthusiasm never lasted long.


Sitting in the audience, Steve opened his copy of the most recent chiropractic magazine. Leafing through to the back, he saw an ad for a practice broker who helped evaluate and sell practices. Leaving the auditorium, he went out into the lobby and called the man who immediately agreed to help him sell.


Trying to deciding what to do next, Steve picked up a copy of the book by Jerry Stocking, “How to Win by Quitting”. The author had quit the stockbroker world to follow his own passions and began teaching individuals the steps to reinventing their lives. His initial advice to readers advised to take some downtime -- don’t plan the next step until you create silence -- a gap in which the creativity will fill the emptiness.


Steve called Jerry and they talked about Steve’s future. One question the author asked him was, “What will you do next?”


Steve answered, “Well, I’ve been performing magic at business events and restaurants. I’m thinking about making that my new career.”


“Wrong!” the novelist cried.


“What do you mean?”


He said, “Never plan a new life without first leaving the old one behind.”


Inspired by this encouragement, Steve booked a flight for Guatemala with plans to stay for a couple of months with no special plans in mind. Upon arriving in Antigua, he noticed a small chiropractic office. Intrigued by the common interest, he entered and found a doctor, working alone without a secretary or assistant. His name was Todd and he was an American expatriate who was thrilled to see another chiropractor.


“I haven’t seen another chiropractor around these parts for the last six months!” said Todd, adding, “Would you mind giving me an adjustment?” Steve agreed and the two men traded back adjustments.


Finishing up, the two headed out to the waiting room where Steve noticed a visitor waiting in the lobby.



After the two parted ways, they headed to different parts of the country. Steve T. assumed he would not see the other Steve again for a while, only to happen upon him a week later in Guatemala.




Standing, the man introduced himself, “Hi, my name is Steve. I’m a chiropractor from the U.S. and I’ve just sold my practice after 14 years.”


Stunned, Steve Taubman answered, “Me, too!” The time period was even the same. The men decided that they should go to lunch and hear the other’s story. Both pulled out a cap to cover their eyes from the sunny day. They donned the same cap, only with slightly different wording. The other Steve’s said Vermont although he was from Montana, and Steve T., who was from Vermont, wore one saying “100 Years of Chiropractic.” Apparently, the other Steve had friends in Steve T.’s city and had visited several times.


The other Steve asked if they could stop by his room on the way to lunch to grab some cash. Glancing at the man’s dresser, Steve T. was once again dumbfounded. There sat the book which had inspired him: “How to Win by Quitting” by Jerry Stocking. Both had also spoken personally to the author before heading out on their adventures.


Over the course of their conversation, they also learned that both had been married, were currently good friends with their ex-wives and enjoyed adventure sports.


After the two parted ways, they headed to different parts of the country. Steve T. assumed he would not see the other Steve again for a while, only to happen upon him a week later. Steve was walking along the beach at Montericco where he found the other Steve poolside telling a young woman about his encounter with Steve T.


“Is he a Gemini, too?” she asked. Sure enough, they both shared the same astrological sign.


Weeks later, Steve T. was travelling through Honduras with his girlfriend when they took a boat ride around the island of Roatan. Telling Mary about the Steve story, he was amazed again to finish with, “And that’s him, right there!” The other Steve sat with a lunch guest in the little restaurant on the remote side of the island. The Steves spent the next couple of days catching up and swapping stories.


Back in the United States, Steve T. returned to Vermont where he had his original practice. Also a private pilot, Steve told the man who bought his practice that he was heading out to Bozeman, Montana to see the other Steve.


“I used to live in Bozeman, Montana. My friend just bought a practice out there too. What your friend’s name?” asked the young chiropractor. Upon hearing the name Steve, his eyes widened and he said, “Steve used to be my chiropractor and my best friend, John, just bought his practice.”


Steve figured he shouldn’t be surprised but yet found that yet another connection left him speechless. Needless to say, the two Steve’s stayed in touch.


Steve asked a wise and spiritual friend about the strange tale. The friend replied, “It was an affirmation that you were in the right place at the right time, because when you got there, there you were.”



BIO: Steve Taubman has written the bestselling book: “UnHypnosis: How to Wake Up, Start Over, and Create The Life You're Meant to Live” and started the Inner Selling Institute ( His website, points to his various interests and published works.


Steve continues to seek ways of blending his passion for inspiring, educating, and entertaining people with his eclectic background as a healer, magician, hypnotist, and author. In his spare time, Steve loves to ski, hike, and fly his private plane over his beautiful home state of Vermont.





Thank you Steve, for sharing your Story with us.


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Aug 2007
Peter Catronova said:
posted on Sep 30, 2009

This story is like one of those "believe it or not" type stories. Had me laughing!

Member Since
Aug 2007
Brian Childers said:
posted on Oct 04, 2009

that's wild... do you think that author set you two up like that?

Member Since
Apr 2009
Jocelyn Bushell said:
posted on Oct 06, 2009

Are you the two Steves very good friends? Did it last?