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The Sleeptalker 

Written by Storyteller: Rachelle Joy Mobley   Comments: 2


A little girl will dream of that perfect moment when her prince charming sweeps her off her feet with his romantic proposal. However, you don’t often hear of the young prince dreaming of that proposal. Samantha had certainly never heard of such a thing, but she did experience it.


Like many young women, Samantha had found the dating world to be a disappointment. So, when she met a young man who had sworn off dating after his own negative experiences she immediately connected with him. In fact, it was not long before the two of them became best friends.


They became inseparable, sharing everything with each other. She even shared her image of the perfect guy with him. Aaron’s response was an assertion that he would certainly like the guy. Unfortunately, Samantha had begun to suspect that the reason Aaron would like the guy was because he was that guy.


Aaron brought her home to meet his family, but like any other friend he expected her to hold her own with his family. So when his brother announced, “You smell” upon meeting Samantha, his sister followed up with “Your perfume is a little strong” before Aaron finally said anything. However, instead of a rousing defense he told Samantha, “We’re not scent people.” On the other hand, Aaron introduced her as Sammie, a pet name Samantha had never used for herself.


The two of them would avow their desire not to date, but then engage in tickling matches. When Aaron discovered that Samantha had a ticklish neck he announced, “I’ll have to remember that.” Samantha was unsure what to make of these mixed signals. Moreover, as her own feelings for Aaron began to become clearer to her, she began to worry over these little incidences and what they might mean.


But they were still best friends, comfortable just hanging out together. Samantha was comfortable relaxing with him in her room, on her bed. She even felt comfortable taking off her bra when it began digging into her ribs. Aaron felt so comfortable that he fell asleep right there on her bed.


Samantha didn’t know it yet but as Aaron dreamed all her questions were going to be answered because Aaron is one of those people who talks in their sleep. But Aaron doesn’t just mumble he can speak full sentences clearly and completely. Upon hearing him call out her name Samantha’s first thought was ‘It might be fun to play with his dreams.’ However, the longer he spoke the more intrigued she became.


Clearly she and Aaron where going somewhere together in his dream, but what else was going on in his head? A few well phrased questions by Samantha placed the date as two years in the future. But more importantly, in this future Aaron was envisioning, Samantha was his wife. Together they lived in his dream home, which Samantha had him describe. ‘So if we are married two years in the future when is he proposing?’ Samantha wondered. After his sister’s wedding was the reply.


At this point Samantha had to run to her bathroom. His sister’s wedding was only months away. Was he really planning a proposal or was this only a dream? Samantha burst into tears as she realized how much she wanted his dream to be real.


Unable to wonder in silence any longer Samantha went back to her room and woke Aaron up. With tears still in her eyes she told him about his dream. Aaron’s response? “Well, there goes the surprise.”


Five years later, Samantha and Aaron are still married, now with a beautiful baby girl. While they might not have their dream house yet, Samantha is not worried. After all each day they are together is quite literally a dream come true.



Thank you Samantha, for sharing your Story with us.

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Chuck Stallong said:
posted on Jul 20, 2009

what ELSE has he told you when sleeptalking???

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Jul 2009
Lisa Waite said:
posted on Jul 20, 2009

That's very funny. I'm curious if he spills all sorts of secrets like that or just that one time? Thanks for sharing.