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Judy Pugh

Huntington Beach, CA

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Written by: Judy Pugh


One Grandmothers Story of Commitment, Frustration and Unwavering Love.

J.L. Smith is a freelance writer who developed a strong love for the written word as a young child.  She has dedicated this book in memory of her mother, Grace Irene Smith, who instilled that love in her.  Much to Judy's chagrin, her mother constantly corrected her English, making sure she knew the correct way to speak and write.  (Much to Judy's daughter's chagrin, she has done the same.) 

Her mother was particularly fond of the writings of Erma Bombeck and Judy came to love her works as well, scanning the pages of the newspaper every chance she got for a dose of Erma's whimsical words of wisdom. 

 A particular favorite was a piece entitled "A Mother's Love" that describes how difficult it is at times to tell your child "no" even when they hate you for it.  It is a story that any parent can certainly relate to.(Click hereto read it now.)  Judy's mother cut it from the newspaper and gave it to her when she was a teen.  Yellowed and wrinkled, it remains one of her most prized possessions…one she has copied for her daughter, Daylena. 

Another favorite came years later when Erma Bombeck had been diagnosed with cancer.  This heart-wrenching piece truly makes the reader think about the important things we should focus on as she describes what she would have done differently throughout her life.  (Click hereto read it now.)  

Judy's first book "Reporting for Doodie" is the first in a series designed to acknowledge and praise the caregivers of our military children.  Her story of commitment, frustration and unwavering love details the ups and downs of her particular tour of "doodie".  It is a story that ends in the reinvention of herself and one that she hopes others will find to be inspirational and uplifting as well.

The producers of the Oprah Winfrey Show found her story to be so inspirational that they asked Judy to be a guest on the show earlier this year.  After introducing a number of "makeovers" that the show had done via artificial means, Judy was introduced as someone who made herself over the "natural" way after going through an unexpected divorce and coming through it as a new women, inside and out. 

Judy's hope is that her story "Reporting for Doodie" will be an inspiration to all who read it and that they will feel compelled to share the message with family and friends. 

Judy Pugh


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