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Alaska-Hawaii/Honolulu and the work with Willson Stamper.. 

Date Range: 09/16/1982 To 02/15/1983   Comments: 0 Views: 11234
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When we left France in mid November there was a saddness. We left from Paris and flew trans-arctic to Anchorage and then to Hawaii where my father had arranged some concerts and teaching until our return to Tucson in February.
During the month long stay in Hawaii we had a small apartment in Honolulu where my father practiced, worked and gave lessons. In continuation of my education I was referenced to a teacher who was of note. His name was Willson Stamper, a classicist (Work included in the best seller- A Natural Way To Draw- Internet Link-
a prime student of Nicholedes and Dumond, Stamper was a legend at the Art Students League when he was young. Later when I mentioned his name during my League years the stories would come out about "Red" Stamper- an artists whos ability was genius in classical art/drawing/painting- and one of the best draftsman that I could ever comment about, he worked fluidly in the manner of the great masters..often using his hand as a paintbrush evern for the finest detail) It was obvious study with Stamper could help me with certain drawing/painting problems. He lived in Kailua across the Island from Honolulu in a small house just throwing distance from the beach. Stamper had a rather reclusive lifestyle but continued his art in a way of Gaugain, seemingly for the sake of art.  After being referenced to him as a teacher/ "prodigy" builder), Stamper initially did not want to take anyone as a student. His viewpoints were very strong.."I do not teach...and if I do teach, they have to pay extreme attention...and "if" there talented, and only 10% of them are...they have to do what I say, and see results!" and added "Not one student comes away from my class not being able to draw or paint...and frequently they win national and international exhibits!"

He was extreme..and even somewhat bombastic. But it was evident that no one could touch his work technically and he was the right teacher for me at this time. I took lessons once a week for 3 hours and had access to "the studio" for 6 hours during the week.
That studio was a large place layed up on pontoons with a thatched roof. It was filled with paintings and also restaurations. (Stamper had a giant painting of General Ulysess S Grant that he had been restauring for the Honolulu museum.
His lessons were like being touched by a flamethrower..sometimes brutal...but he got results and spun a great confidence in me at that time...of almost amazement of what I could achieve with hard work and certain detail-without wasting time!
(Stories of the Gaugainesque Studio and the days working) I worked a couple of months with Willson Stamper and then returned to Tucson...

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