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break life 

Date Range: 01/01/1987 To 08/11/2014   Comments: 1 Views: 418
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      firstly, my name is noha, my opinion ( i don't care for my name or my country and my religion only i'm human and girl have the right to live ) but the problem in my life is the other around me have a nather opinion .

   since the age of five , i was feel of myself and all things in my life 
i was think that only me in life and i decided to be or not be in this life but the problem was i'm alone and have not any support in my life. my family was not support me so i felt that i'm alone in my life although i was between them.
we're rich family but i lacked the warmth of the family so i decided to be friend of myself .
 since the age of thirteen , my dad lost all his money and we became poor family and this thing affect of me but this did not affect my resolve .
i was go to school and studied but i lost my shin , i was only with one cloth for five years of my life ,my body changed but my cloth not changed for five years .
my dad left for five years and we did not know any thing about him
my mam was not feel or care of me as usually but she was care of my sisters and brothers.
i feel that i'm not poor in clothes and life only but the most hurt thing that i was poor family support for me .
i lacked a smile i felt the pain of internal and did not know how and when will this pain go away .
i was looking for some one fill the empitness in side me but i didnot find any friend who could feel me and feel my pain so i decided that doing something in my life which can make me real human in this life who can feel , dream and smile .
in someday i looked to the moon and i was crying from my soul and asked that i want real existance in this life and i want to be something and please if there is a god i want help me to carry and complete my life and get my dream .
see you in anather chapter .

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