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When you log into the Story of My Life site, you will be taken to your Story home page automatically, where the system provides links that you are likely to use frequently.
See the most recent activity on your Story such as new Comments that were posted, Invitations received to join Groups or Families, new Files posted to your Networks, etc.

You may go directly to your Account to purchase more Forever Space or update any details in your Account.

Update your Profile:  
Here you can update information about your background, interests, schools, jobs, and facts about you and choose whether to publicly display or keep them private.

Find People:
Use this Search feature to find Family members, connect with Friends, or to join Groups or find other people with similar interests, or read other interesting Stories.

Quick link to allow you to Invite your Family, Friends, or other Group members to join you on Story of My Life.

Get Verified:
Tell the world that you are who you say you are. This allows others to be certain when they are finding you through a Search or receive an Invite, or are doing research on you, that they have the correct person.

Update, write new Story lines, attach Files such as pictures or music to go along with your Stories, and more.

You can use this link to activate a Family or Friends Network, join an existing Network or update any information in your current Networks.

A safe, secure, FOREVER place to store your most precious memories in the forms of Pictures, Videos, Audio, documents and any other Files for future generations.

Here you can keep a more unstructured, free-flowing blog of your daily thoughts and musings. Less formal than your actual Life Story, a blog is a great way to let others both now and in the future see how your days are, what’s piquing your interest, and what other thoughts you’d like to share.

Family Tree:
Build your Family Tree and share it with other Family Members.