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How do I use Search?
The Story of My Life Search has been broken into Categories to try and help you find what you’re looking for more accurately and faster.

In the header (the upper part) of every page on the Story of My Life site, you can enter in keywords to find and click on the drop down box to the right of the search field and search within certain sectors of the Story of My Life website. If you checkmark the box that says “My Story” the search results will only be hits matched within your own Story.

Using the formal search pages, you can search in sub-categories:
  • People – searches Story of My Life people through their Profile and background information for matches
  • Groups – find a Group that has similar interests or subject matter to what you’re interested in
  • Stories – search among Stories that people have written
  • Files – search Images, Photos, Videos, Audio files and other types of files that people have stored in their Vaults
  • Events – find Events of interest
  • Advanced Search – narrow down your criteria for making more accurate searches.
You may also “Search within Results” which means that if you have entered “blue eyed males” as an initial search criteria, and get tons of results, you could search within the first set of results (only) to narrow the number of results further.

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What is a Quick Search?
A Quick Search box is found in the Left Menu and provides a quick link for you to enter in a search by someone’s Name, Location or Interests. Your search results will display and you may choose to read the Stories, Invite someone to connect, and more!

You may also choose to search criteria that will yield results that only contain photographs. This is especially helpful if you are looking for people.

In addition, there are often Search fields in the Left Menu portions of the website. This is a handy tool for you to search within whatever pages you happen to be on such as conducting a search among your Friends or Family Networks, Groups, Forums and so on.

Simply enter in keywords in the Find box, click on the “Go” button and your search results will be displayed.

When searching in the Left Menu, when the results are displayed, you will see more criteria that fit the particular pages that you are searching among if you need to further refine the search for better results. An example of such a search is in the screenshot below:

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What is an Advanced Search?
The Advanced Search option is provided as a way of combining a variety of terms (names, birthdates, locations, city of birth, physical features, marital status, religion, education levels and more) to help you to construct a more detailed search on what you’re looking for.

Please note, if a Story of My Life member has chosen NOT to make public a particular piece of information, that information may not be displayed to you in your results and may not be considered as part of the search criteria.

In the Advanced Search for Groups, you can enter in keywords and the name of the Group and whether to search in the Group and/or its Description.

In the Advanced Search for Stories, you can enter in keywords and the name of the Story, any portion of its URL, or keywords that may be present in the Story.

In the Advanced Search for Files, you can enter in the type of File, its size, the date it was uploaded, or any keywords to search in the Files, as well as whether to search in its Name (of the File) and/or its Description.

In the Advanced Search for Events, you can enter in keywords and the name of the Event and whether to search in the Type and/or its Description. You may also search for the Dates of the Events (or select a time range) or what Category type the Event was listed under.

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