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FAQ - Invitations


What is an Invitation?
By inviting others to Join your Family, Friends, Groups, or to invite them to read or Comment on your Story, you begin to create the networks that make up the fabric of your Life Story. Certainly your Story is about your history, your accomplishments, your thoughts & musings, but it’s also about People who are important to you and how they interact in your life.

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How do I send Invitations?
The Story of My Life has made it easy to send Invitations to invite others to join you as a Friend, Family member, or in a Group. You can use the quick boxes in the Left Menu such as these:

Or you can go to the Invitation page through the “View Invitation History” or “Tell a Friend” links and you will be able to send Invitations.

In addition, several places on the Story sites you will see the Invite icon , which allows you to invite a specific user or send a message to a specific group inviting them into your Story or Networks.

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What is the difference between “Invite” and “Tell a Friend”?
You can either Invite someone to join your Story as a Friend or Family Member, or invite them to join one of your interest Groups, which sends an invitation through the secure server asking them to Join. The recipient may either Accept or Decline the Invitation. If the person accepts the Invitation, he or she will be added on as a Friend, Family Member or as a member of one of your Groups as per the Invitation instructions.

If you see something on the Story of My Life website that you think someone you know might be interested in, you can “Tell a Friend” about it! Just click on the “Tell a Friend” and the site will send an email to your recipient with your message a link to the page, file or Story that you would like to share. There is no action required of the recipient when you use the “Tell a Friend” function.

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Can I see my Invitation History?
Yes, just click on the Invitation History link and you will be shown all of your past Invitations Sent (History) or Received from others.

The status legend will show you whether you or the person(s) you sent an Invitation have Accepted the Invitation or whether they are still pending.

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How can I register my Friends & Family members with Story of My Life?
By inviting them to join your Networks, Groups, or Forums, they will be invited to Register with the Story of My Life system and build their own Story. By writing their own Legacy, and connecting to yours, it builds a rich, collaborative story telling process that gives fuller, richer views of the lives of those who are involved.

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Do they need to register before they can read my Story?
If you have made your Story Public, then anyone with internet access can read your Story without registering.

If you have made your Story Private, then no one can read your Story [with the exception of your Guardian who may have access to your site only after a certain period of inactivity on your Story. See Guardians for more details.]

If you have set your Access Rights to “custom” or limited, meaning that only certain people have access to your Story, Files, or other areas of your Story site, then readers must be both Registered and logged in at the time that they are viewing those restricted areas.

Anyone who wishes to leave Comments on your Story, Files or Journals etc. needs to be registered in order to do so, and no one may leave anonymous Comments.

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