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How are Groups different from Friends & Families Networks?
Story of My Life Groups are online collections of people who have come together under a topic of mutual interest. A Group is a more broadly defined, usually topically driven categorization for people who want to join and discuss particular subject matter. A Group consists of Members and a member’s Forum for discussion.

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Can I start my own Group?
Absolutely, and the Story of My Life system encourages you to do so by making it very easy. We suggest that you first Search the existing Groups to see if anyone has started a Group and request to join.

If you do not find a relevant Group, or want to start your own, click on the New/ Join a Group icon in the Left Menu and you will be prompted to fill in a Group Name (make the group identifiable by its name), a short description of the Group’s purpose or subject matter, and then choose whether to make the Group public, where anyone can see and anyone can join and become a Member of the Group. If you select “No” then users must be invited to join. You may also select whether to allow new posts to the Forum to be automatically published. If you select “No” then posts will come to you, the Group owner, or the Group Moderator(s), also assigned by you, for approval before they are published.

You will finally be prompted to categorize your Group so that others can find it.

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How do I find a Group?
At the bottom of the Left Menu box you can click on “Browse All Groups” or Search for an existing Group.

Or you can click on any Category to see all of the Groups listed under that Category.

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