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What does “beta” mean?
Story of My Life is currently in “beta” mode which is a geeky technical term for a website that is in its final testing phase before we release a full mode launch (Version 1). The features and services are all working; you can write your Life Story, upload photos and launch Friends & Family Networks and much more, but you might run across some minor bugs we'll still be fixing. We're also adding exciting new features to make Story of My Life better and even easier to use.

Beta mode is also a time when you tell us what you think – what you like, what you would like to see in the way of new features, anything that you would like to see changed. Your feedback is extremely, extremely important to us. Why? Because we want you to be using this site for a very long time. It’s the gift of your Legacy to your future children and people interested in learning about you. Therefore the site needs to be as close to perfect as we can make it. Submit any problems you have or other inquires, suggestions or feedback you may have here

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Where can I find help?
Our Help section is divided into easy categories so that you can find an answer to your question, look something up, or Contact Us. The Help icon will open a new web page so that you don’t lose your place in the Story of My Life site. You may also print the pages for easy reference.

The Help section is divided into a Table of Contents, Frequently Asked Questions, Glossary and Contact Us form.

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What is Story of My Life all about?
Story of My Life is a unique way for you to preserve your life’s precious memories and stories, pictures, videos [and more] to be treasured for generations to come. It is your Legacy. Use this site to easily write your Life Story, connect to Friends & Families in a secure, private network alongside their Stories, keep a personal Journal (blog), tell people about your Favorites and much, much more.

The Story of My Life website is a place where your precious memories are stored FOREVER in a safe and secure environment, and a priceless gift for your family and future generations.

Read about our “Forever Promise” here.

Learn more about the Story of My Life Foundation™ at

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What is My Landing Page?
The “Home” page of your “My Story” section is what’s referred to as your Landing page. It’s the page you will first see upon logging into the Story of My Life website. This page has several “hot links,” or links used most often in the website. It also shows you your ranking and the strength of your Network. You can see your Alerts, the Space you’ve both used and have remaining, and view your most recent Story and Journal posts.

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Can I use HTML in my Story pages?
The Story of My Life system allows you to choose different “Themes” or “skins” which are different designs of the site. We allow very basic HTML to be used (think of the same types of functions as your word processing allows such as different Fonts, BOLD and colors or italics for emphasis.

The Story of My Life team will be greatly expanding this functionality and customization capabilities as time goes on, so be sure to check back often!

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How do I change my Account information including my Email, Login, Password, Settings, Guardians and more?
When you login, click onto the My Account icon in the upper right corner and you will be taken to your Account where you may change and save any of this information.

From this page you can change:
  • Personal Information - including your name, birth date, main photo, email and more. Just enter in the new information and click the “Update” information to save.

  • Account Settings – used to change your Email preferences; i.e. whether you prefer to receive email notifications or would rather log onto the Story of My Life website to be Alerted that you have new activity on your Story.

  • Change Password – changing your password is a good idea to do on a regular basis. It should be combination of letters and numbers and must be at least six characters long. To change your password simply type in your old password, your new password and confirm it, then create a secret reminder question to ask you in case you forget your password in the future.

  • Verification Status – Get Verified! This is an extra step where our system determines if your details match who you say you are. This extra Verification step allows the world to know that they have the right person and not a phony account of any kind, or the wrong person with the same name such as “John Smith”. You get the Verified logo on your Story that shows the world you have received authentication by the Story of My Life staff. You may click on the Edit button on your Verification Status page to update this at any time then click “Submit” to save this information.

  • Transaction Details – Check your past payment history with Story of My Life. We do not store your credit card information but you can see your past purchases.

  • Guardian Details - A Guardian can be assigned to manage your Story and files in the case that you are unable to, in order to carry on your Story and Legacy. To assign a Guardian to your account, choose someone who is capable of acting in your best interests according to your wishes. A Guardian has access rights to your files, he or she may edit your Story or other features on your Story website. Since your Vault may contain sensitive files, many choose to grant a spouse, kin, or legal representative access rights to these.

    You may set the priority for which Guardians you want us to contact in what order by selecting a Guardian and clicking on “Move Up” or “Move Down” and then saving your changes.

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What if I forgot my User Name Login ID or my Password?
Go to the login button and click on the “Forgot password?” link and the system will prompt you to enter in your Story of My Life ID or your original email. It’s important that you use the email under which you created your account because the system will send your link to reset your password to this email account. If this email account has changed or you can no longer access it, please contact the Help Desk through the Help pages on the “Contact Us” tab to have your password reset manually.

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Do you sell or share my information with other companies?
A resounding NO answers this question succinctly. We do not sell or rent our lists to anyone. You may from time to time receive Partner offers but that will only be sent by us, and you may choose to unsubscribe at any time. You may read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use Agreements for further details.

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How many files can I upload if I am using the free account?
You can use the Story of My Life website for free as long as you remain active (i.e. logging in and using the site at least once per every six months time period) and store up to 250MB of total Space usage. The Space Usage Report calculates the size (not the number) which would then determine how many you can upload. All Files that are uploaded will be set to Permanent Space unless you select them for “Temporary Space” status.

You may purchase Forever Space in any amount you want. You may change the files in your Forever Space at any time. And if you run out of space, you can easily buy more.

Note: most digital cameras will allow you to save images in different .jpg formats. Since these files are already compressed, if you select a lower setting (which is fine for the web) you can save on space.

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Do my files get deleted?
Your files may get deleted if you do not have any Forever Space purchased and you do not log into the Story of My Life website for an extended period of time. After the time allotment, Story of My Life will automatically try to contact, in order of your priority settings, your Guardians to ask if your Story should be converted to Forever Space. If after six months of no return correspondence, and after another three months of failure to reach any of your Guardians, your Space and Story will be removed from the website and may be permanently deleted. Don’t let that happen! Be sure to purchase enough Forever Space so that the Story of My Life Foundation can ensure your Story’s Forever status.

See also the Frequently Asked Questions section about My Forever Space here for more information about deleting and keeping files.

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How much does it cost to get set up to write My Story?
You can start on the Story of My Life site for free! There is a set amount of Space that you can use for free as long as you remain active on your Story site at least once per every six months. This Space is temporary, it is not saved as Forever (permanent) Space.

There are many packages you can purchase that contain Forever Space, in which you can put as much data as fits. For example if you buy 100Mb of space, you can upload files up to 100Mb and mark them as Forever Space and they will be entrusted to the Story of My Life Foundation™ for safekeeping, forever.

You may also activate Networks on your Story. When you active a Family or Friends Network, you to invite as many people as you want into your own secure and private Network and share a collaborate file storage space, a community Forum, a Family Tree, a shared Calendar and more!

Check out Space Packages in the Registration process, or if you are already a member see Forever Space packages here.

Sign up today!

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Can I upgrade my account?
You can purchase more Forever Space at any time. Increasing the amount of Forever Space allows you to upload more files, or larger files, to keep Forever. Forever Space is a one time fee. When you buy the Forever Space, it’s yours – Forever. You may change at any time the files you keep in your Forever Space. When you purchase Forever Space, a large portion of the proceeds go into an escrow account held and managed by the Story of My Life Foundation, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit entity as a sort of insurance policy for the future maintenance and accessibility of your Story.

Read more about the Story of My Life Foundation at their website

You may also activate as many Friends or Families Networks as you would like, for free! Networks give you the ultimate in private intranets where you can share a Family Tree, a shared Vault for files, send invites, plan events, talk on message boards, send notifications and more!

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