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Address Book > Left Menu

You can organize your Contact by creating Folders and putting certain Contacts into the separate folders.

Contacts Folders
The left menu shows you all of your current Folders. The default is Family, Friends and Groups, and you can add any further folders under the “Other” category as well.
  • Family / Friends/ Groups: create "sub-folders" to keep different Families, or groups of Friends, or other types of Groups separated into easy to find collections of Contacts.
  • Other: you can add any different type of folder to the “others” list that may not necessarily fit in the Family, Friends or Groups categories above. You can add as many folders here as you would like.
  • All Contacts: looking for someone but not sure what folder they’re in? Look at ALL of your Contacts by clicking on the All button. You can then sort them alphabetically by their Name, City or Story of My Life I.D.
Add a New Contacts Folder:
  • Name: give your new Contacts folder a name such as "Best Friends" or "Online Game Buddies" etc.

Edit Contacts Folder:
You may Edit your Contacts Folders at any time.

Delete Contacts Folder:
You may Delete your Contacts Folder at any time. Please note that if you Delete a Contacts Folder all of the information inside this Contacts Folder will be permanently deleted and this action cannot be undone.