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The Groovy Grape and the Law of Attraction 

Written by Storyteller: Tamar Burris   Comments: 5


Daniel Herzner was thrilled when his sister asked if he’d do her a favor and accompany his six-year-old niece, Olivia, to a daddy-daughter dance. Olivia’s father was out of town and she needed a date. Who better than a doting uncle? Happily, Dan agreed!


Dan was no dummy; he knew what to expect from such an event. An ocean of giggling little girls, giddy twirling around and around on the dance floor, kids racing around the room, maybe a little punch to quench the thirst after all the hoopla, and hopefully some happy memories and photographs with Olivia to reminisce over as she grew older. When the day of the dance finally arrived, Dan was right on the money. He, his sister, and Olivia entered the middle school gym to find pretty much what he had expected - a cacophony of laughing, screaming children, festive decorations, blaring music … all was as it should be, except for one seemingly insignificant detail.


When they walked into the room, every child was given a ticket for a raffle that would be held at the end of the dance. In the lobby was a table displaying all the prizes that were to be raffled off that evening. It didn’t seem like a big deal; the raffle shouldn’t have changed their night. But sitting up on that table among all the little trinkets and treasures was something magical (at least to Olivia). It was a shiny, purple miniature radio/CD player called The Groovy Grape. Olivia wanted it in a bad way!


Immediately upon walking through the doors Olivia had honed in on The Groovy Grape. Dan thought it was adorable, his little niece and her new fixation. Over the course of the night they danced and laughed and Olivia bounced around with her friends, but from time to time she floated back to that table to stare at The Groovy Grape. As the dance wore on she must have spent at least an hour and a half admiring that little boom box! She stared and stared. She excitedly spoke of it to her mother and Dan, repeatedly telling them both how much she really, really, REALLY wanted it. Dan was pretty sure she even discussed it with her little gal pals. Looking around at the many kids surrounding him, he was also convinced that there was little chance she’d actually wind up with the thing. But she so earnestly wanted it!



“Being the knowledgeable, practical adult…, Dan and his sister tried to reason with six year old Olivia. They explained that there were hundreds of kids at the dance and only 20 or so prizes were to be given out.”



Being the knowledgeable, practical adults in the situation, Dan and his sister tried to reason with Olivia. They explained that there were hundreds of kids at the dance and only 20 or so prizes were to be given out. As kindly as they could they both told her not to get her hopes up because she had a really small chance of actually getting ANY prize, let alone The Groovy Grape. It seemed the logical thing to do, to try to temper her enthusiasm. Why let her get her hopes up only to have them crushed in the end and ruin a perfectly wonderful evening? But six year olds aren’t exactly concerned with logic. Olivia nodded at them and let their words go in one ear and out the other. She was going to have that shiny, purple radio. It was hers. Dan didn’t want Olivia to be disappointed. But he wasn’t about to grease any palms or try to influence the raffle in any way. Upstairs in Olivia’s head, she already owned The Groovy Grape. Upstairs in Dan’s head, he knew with almost certainty she wasn’t going to get it. What’s fair is fair, Dan thought. We’ll see what happens …


Finally, it was time for the raffle. One at a time, an item was pulled from the table and the winning ticketholder received their prize. Kids weren’t allowed to pick and choose, they won the prize they were handed and that was that. The prizes began floating around the room with happy children gleefully showing off the little trinkets they had won. It was a lot of fun for Dan and the other adults to watch the kids in their excitement, but he was a little worried for Olivia’s impending disappointment. She had yet to win something and he wasn’t sure she would. Olivia, however, wasn’t worried. The Groovy Grape had not yet been pulled off the table. As the prizes disappeared one by one, The Groovy Grape loomed large. As the prize was picked up Dan turned to his niece. “Look, Olivia,” he said, “There it is!” She was clutching her little ticket tightly in her hand. With Olivia’s mother and uncle waiting with bated breath the winning ticket was announced. It seemed almost like a joke when Olivia’s number was called! Dan’s jaw just dropped; he couldn’t believe it. But Olivia wasn’t surprised. She just ran right up and grabbed it; she’d known all along that it was hers.


Leaving the dance that night, Olivia proudly walked out of the building clutching her new prize in a box that seemed almost as big as she was. Dan had offered to carry it for her but she refused; Olivia wasn’t about to let her prize escape her sights! Dan was so happy for his niece and so excited that she hadn’t been disappointed and let down. She sure was one lucky little girl that day, he thought. Some of the sparkle rubbed off on him and Dan left the dance feeling elated, almost like he’d won something as well. The magic of the evening was that strong.


Six years later, Dan still smiles when he thinks of that special night. And he has since realized that he indeed did win something. He might not have gotten a tangible super prize like The Groovy Grape, but he was given a gift just the same. Olivia’s determination, her will, had provided her with exactly what she expected. She got that Groovy Grape because she had wanted it so badly. It showed him that the law of attraction is nothing to sneeze at. Things happen for a reason, that like energy attracts like energy. It’s a concept that Dan wholeheartedly believes in but is sure he’ll never fully understand in his lifetime. All the same, he’s certainly working on it!



Bio: Daniel Herzner has seen the law of attraction in action and has had events unfold that leave him incredulous. While writing his recent book, A Plum in the Syrup (http://www.APlumInTheSyrup.com/), Dan remembered this amazing experience with Olivia and realized that it represented the law of attraction at its best. He then called Olivia up and asked if she still had The Groovy Grape. Apparently, it has found a home in the basement where “daddy uses it in his shop.”



Thank you Daniel, for sharing your Story with us.


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Member Since
Aug 2007
Brian Childers said:
posted on Sep 16, 2009

The name is so cool, now I want one... The Groovy Grape....

Member Since
Sep 2007
Kristina McIntosh said:
posted on Sep 18, 2009

So tell me, how would this site do to get more attraction? It's such a lovely site. I'd like to see everyone keeping stories for the future.

Member Since
Aug 2008
Tamika Anderson said:
posted on Sep 19, 2009

That IS a good name. I wonder if that's the actual name of the product or whether it's just something they called it?

Member Since
Sep 2009
Daniel Herzner said:
posted on Sep 21, 2009

Yes, that is the actual mame of the thing. Matter of fact, Olivia still has it. But now it's down in the basement and her dad uses it while he's banging around in his work shop - LOL!!

Member Since
Aug 2007
Kristen Kuhns said:
posted on Sep 28, 2009

it found a great home too. Daniel, loved reading your story. You do have good gift for storytelling.