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Daniel Brenton

Las Vegas

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Written by: Daniel Brenton

About Me

While I was beginning to organize this site, I waffled on whether I actually needed an “About Me” page.

So, I conceded to a “twenty questions” version of an introduction.


Name: Daniel L. Brenton

Age: Let’s just say I was born in the last century. (The latter half, at least.)

Place of Residence: Las Vegas, Nevada. I like this city. If it weren’t for the drivers I’d love this city.

Marital Status: (You know, that’s not one of those questions you’re legally able to ask in a job interview.) Married. My first, her last. All right, my last, too.

Children: (You’re not supposed to ask that one either.)

Originally From: Indiana. About 50 years south of Fort Wayne.

Hobbies: HA HA Ha ha (snort, chuckle).

Employer: I’m a writer, dammit. Next question.

Prefer Cats or Dogs: Cats, yes. I’m a writer, so I’m supposed to have a cat. I don’t have one at the moment, but that will probably change.

Since You’re a Writer, Are You Alcoholic? That’s the tradition, isn’t it? No, I hardly ever drink, period. It’s not a moral issue, it’s just that drinking makes me stupid, and I don’t enjoy being stupid.

Questions I decided not to answer:

Sexual Orientation: (What did you want, a date or something?)

Interests: It would be easier to tell you what I’m not interested in. On second thought, it would be easier the other way.

Race: Can’t you tell from the picture? (Actually, I have a tiny bit of American Indian blood on my mother’s side, from the Miami tribe, which used to dwell in the northwestern area of what is now Indiana. I have no idea why the name wound up attached to Florida. (Seriously. I have a bit of an epicanthic fold in my eyelids to prove it.) Otherwise, I think I’m basically a White Anglo-Saxon Mutt.)

Sorry, no more questions.

© 2006-2009, by Daniel Brenton. All Rights Reserved.


Daniel Brenton

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No ... not getting that.


City (most recent)
Las Vegas


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http://www.danielbrenton. com/